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​​​​​​"Kim Hale Private Investigations does a fantastic job of surveillance! She has extensive experience as a Private Investigator and thoroughly researches her subjects and does an outstanding job with great results! I am very pleased with Kim's work and recommend her to anyone needing an excellent private investigator whether private / personal or for business purposes."

​​​​Terrill Pyburn P.A. Former Assistant City Attorney, Delray Beach FL          

"The person I requested to be investigated was an extremely hard case and I had hardly anything to go on that was true. She and her team were able to move heaven and earth to get information that I was completely awestruck to find out. She is exceptionally professional and is a person with a warm heart.
She made me feel like my problem was the most important thing to her and she gave me frequent updates all the time. If you need to find any information out on anyone, she is without a doubt in my mind the best one to contact and have work for you. She will take care of you and will get to the bottom of your problem."

Grateful Client Rhode Island  / "Cat-Fish" Case

"​Kim Hale is an ethical and highly dependable Private Investigator who follows her leads successfully until she reaches her case goals."

​​Former State Senator Maria Sachs,

Boca Raton, Florida




We are there when you need us most.

We  will:

  • ​Go the extra mile to get the results you need

  • Remain in  constant communication with you, continually providing you with case updates

  • Be fully prepared to testify in court 

  • Never exceed your pre-authorized budget without your permission, no suprises!



"Beyond excellent! Exactly what I wanted her to do; she is a high class professional who goes over and beyond her services offered; she interacts on a one-to-one basis and is  never too busy to take a phone call, respond to a question (even if you asked the same question a hundred times), she actually cares for her clients." ​

​​Private Client, New York

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​​​​​​Kim Hale Private Investigations LLC

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"I would and will recommend Kim Hale to anybody. Not only is she professional, answers emails immediately and gets results very quick... she also gave me (I live in Europe) additional information and contacts to proceed with my case successfully. She is the best Private Investigator, fabulous!"

Natalie, Germany 

​"Dead Beat Dad" Case

            Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce

         Woman Owned Business of the Month

                             October 2017

"When I was looking for a Private Investigator,  I spoke to two investigators and they did not even want to meet with me. Kim Hale had time to meet, to talk and she got such  amazing evidence. Kim Hale testified in court for me to get everything into evidence during the court hearing. 
Kim Hale Private Investigations is very professional, dedicated and easy to keep in touch with. Thank you so much for all your help. I will definitely be recommending her to anyone in need of a Private Investigator."

Private Client, West Palm Beach, Florida

​Domestic Surveillance / Child Custody Case

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"Thank you so much for your sensitive handling of my recent matrimonial investigation. The result was not what I had hoped for but your professionalism was outstanding, you have provided me with all the information I need to make an informed decision about the future of our relationship. Your thoroughness and quick handling of my case was much appreciated."

Private Client UK 

​Domestic Surveillance



With more than 100 years of experience combined,

your Private Investigators at Kim Hale Private Investigations get results!


  • Do you suspect infidelity?

  • Are you trying to locate a missing family member or heir to an estate?

  • Are you hiring a nanny or new employee and need to check their background?

  • Do you have a tenant you need screened?

  • Do you suspect an employee has filed a fraudulent disability claim and need surveillance to prove it? ​

  • ​Do you think you are being "cat-fished?